Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lucy Vodden loses brave battle with lupus

Ross Vodden and the O'Donnell family regretfully have to announce the sad passing of their beloved Lucy aged 46, after an incredibly brave fight against lupus.

Lucy was the childhood friend of Julian Lennon and the inspiration for the Beatles' 1967 psychedelic classic "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

Julian and Lucy were linked together by something that happened more than 40 years ago when Julian brought home a drawing from school and told his father, "That's Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

She added "I am sure that many people will wish to pass on their support to Lucy's family and they can do so via the St. Thomas Lupus Trust by e-mailing fundraising@lupus.org.uk."

Lucy Vodden was at nursery school in Weybridge with John Lennon's son Julian, who one day took home a drawing of a girl surrounded by stars.

When John asked him to describe he said, "It's Lucy in the sky with diamonds"

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